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Welcome to Alloy Of Life where the Fusion Juice of life will be deliver to you as you enter the site. I am bring to you my idea along with what the visitors thinks so this site can be as interacting as it can be. This is a page to read and comment about the sports you love. This is more than a sport page you can also dabble into herbs that will enhance your life. Herbs that will enhance your memory, endurance, IQ, health and much more.  The thought of the day that will get you thinking. It can be anything I MEAN anything that is going on in the world today or just on my mind or the visitors mind.

Furthermore, you will also have NFL Fantasy advice that will help you win your league.  Prepare you to get a win that week or win that crucial playoff game. You will get what players are baller and the player to draft or pick in free agents. This is advice will be delivered by an experienced fantasy football player. Prepare to get all the flavors all of life regarding sports and more. This is more than a sport page. This site will a part of your life to interact with others and enjoy each other company. Come talk about the National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL), and NCAA National Collegiate Athletic association basketball and football and much more. Join and input your ideas in the comment box.

Email me at for any question and info. That letter l and 0 are actually numbers so keep that in mind when emailing or just copy and paste. Looking forward to talking to the visitors of Alloy Of Life. Here comes a bundle of fusion juice of life coming your way. ALLOY OF LIFE!!!!