This year you might be surprised by some NFL Players some from last year and new upcoming start this year. Some of them might be rookies. That is the surprise of the NFL season you don’t know what to expect. Brace yourself for this season. It is about to be a lot of excitement. Get ready the pre-season is just a warm-up. I already see some rookies that might shock the NFL world and the fantasy world. Of course, some players might be a repeat of last year breakout players. That is good because they got better doing the off-season and ready to prove it’s not a 1-year breakout wonder. Let’s start these potential breakouts players talk.

First, New Orlean Saints running-back Alvin Kamara might have a better year than he did his rookie year last season. He has a season under his belt and knows the Saints playbook in depth now so they can utilize him more in a variety of ways. He is a matchup nightmare. A runner that can run and catch the ball in the backfield. He is just an effective player that fits the Saints offense well. The saint got a steal in last year draft with picking him late in the draft. We will see what Kamara will bring the beginning of the season since Mark Ingram will be suspended for the first four games. He will have the backfield to himself. More touch should equal more production for him.

Todd Gurley, I do not know where he came from last year but woah. He dominated the league last year with that genius offensive skim by the head coach Sean McVay. He is coming up with his genius ideas to get the most out of all his talented players. Gurley was efficient last year with that offense. Coach McVay used Gurley to his fullest potential. But, If he had a big arm quarterback in that system it would be scary. Big arm quarterback player like Patrick Mahomes would make that offense more explosive because the defense has to respect the Rams offense in all aspect. Patrick Mahomes is a player to watch out for this season as a breakout player for sure. Not to say the Rams QB (Jared Goff) is not good for the offense.

Deshaun Watson. That is all I will say. He took the league by storm last year. The limited time he played he proved that he was meant for this league. He is coming off an injury and I know he is a leader with a heart to prove he is better than last year( Rookie Season). Watson rookie season could have been more of an MVP year the way he was playing before he got that ACL injury. Look out for him for the season and NFL Fantasy Draft.

Lastly, Lamar Jackson, the raven quarterback might be the biggest surprise. They doubt in as a quarterback and being lst round pick in the draft. I think with his speed and arm strength will surprise a lot of people. I saw his highlight from preseason and his quickness from a quarterback position reminds people of Michael Vick. He is about to be a problem once he knows the raven offense. Watch out for him for sure. Joe Flacco time might be limited as a Ravens quarterback but that might be good for him because he performed well under pressure knowing Lamar Jackson is his backup and waiting to take his spot.  Let me know what you think. Comment, SUBSCRIBE and Share. Alloy of life.


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