The NFL Fantasy Draft is back and people are drafting as we speak. The thing with the NFL Fantasy Draft is that people always go for running backs (RB)in the first round. No, not me I go for Quarterback (QB) because getting a good QB is safer and will get you more points than an RB. People always say go for running backs in the last round of the NFL Fantasy draft. Forget that. Quarterbacks get the most points in fantasy football. If you have a good Quarterback like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or back in the days Michael Vick. You are balling and chilling.

The reason why I said this is Quarterbacks points can either bring you back or win you games during the season if you have a good one that drops at least 25 points a game. The secret to getting QB is picking that QB that also have running threats. Prime Example, Deshaun Watson that man going to be going hard this year. Did you see what he did to the Seattle Seahawks Defense last year as a ROOKIE. That man going to be a freak this year especially for fantasy football. I know he is coming off an injury but doesn’t sleep on him. Don’t sleep on DeAndre Hopkins and WIll Fuller either. Deshaun is back so his Hopkins and Fuller Fantasy points. Hopkins balls regardless. He is a DOG.

Speaking about DOGS. You need DOGS on your team to win an NFL Fantasy Championships. From experience, I know this. I mean when it comes to playoffs time you need players like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Antonio Brown, Alvin Kamara, DeVante Adams, Stefon Diggs, LeVon Bell. Those kinds of players on your rosters will put you on top because they have proven that they can come through under pressure. At the end of the day, it is fantasy and it can go both ways. It is a guessing game but whoever guess the best wins. It is all about planning out the perfect strategy. You have to utilize all of your online sources wisely. This is Chess at its finest.

Being a manager and working those brain cells out. Trying to pick all the right pieces together to win this championship trophy. The season is about to arrive. Get your thoughts together and formulate the perfect plan to get the best team to generate the most points to win each week. The goal is to win each week. I will start with a Quarterback then running back then Wide receivers. A good QB is a requirement to win the championship. A QB giving you 10-18 points per game is not good. Those are irrelevant points coming from the Quarterback Position. If you want to have a chance to win each week get a QB that drops 25-30 Points a week. To help you formulate your thoughts utilize this link: Let me know what you think. Comment below. Alloy of life where you get all your juices of life.


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