I can smell the grass growing and it smells like college football is back. I know college students can’t wait. This is one of the reasons why they make it through the fall semester in college. The excitement, motivation and the party involved. Now we have college playoffs it kind of takes some of the excitement out of NCAA football. I mean before every week was pressure and sudden death, You win and keep your championship hopes alive. Now the teams kind of has a slack to lose 2 games and still be in contention for the national championship. I still feel like the playoffs favorites all the major NCAA teams such as Oklahoma, Georgia, Ohio State, and Alabama.

With all that, the excitement is still up high for this new college football season. I like the fact that Clemson is #1 in Power Ranking. Usually, it’s Alabama taking the number #1 spot every year for the past few years. It is good to see someone else having the shine on them. I want to see how Clemson will respond to this kind of pressure. Clemson has been on the spotlight for some years now since Deshaun Watson put them on the map. Clemson has the majority of their starters coming back on offense and defense. That tells me that they have leadership and experienced players ready to eat. Ready to finish what they started and bring another championship back to Clemson.

To be honest, I want to see an underdog win the championship this season. It will make the college season and playoffs so exciting. Some people do not like underdogs but you have to have respect for people that have heart and that DOG in them. I want to see West Virginia, TCU, Boise State in the playoffs. I want to see at least 2 of those teams in the playoffs playing against the Big Dogs and BEATING the Big Dogs. It will just make the season so much memory. The season is about to begin and the excitement is about to be in every college football fan heart. Can’t wait. Let me know what you think. Comment, Share and SUBSCRIBE! let me know what you think.


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