It was brought to my attention that Duke basketball team might have a contending championship team next year with the recruiting class they have coming into this season. When I saw the 4 recruits all 5 star I was shocked. Coach Mike Krzyzewski going to fitness this team like he did the USA Olympic team. To have 4 of the Nation top 15 High-school players coming in as a freshman and they all are talented is going to be tough to compete with when the season starts. The top 4 players in the country: R.J Barrett, Cameron Reddish, Zion Williamson, and Tre Jones. I mean this is a cheat code in itself. Duke will have the top 2 (R.J Barrett and Cameron Reddish) high school player in the nation running the team. They need veteran leadership which I do not think duke have on their roster that can ignite the fire under these 5-star recruits.

The top two recruit in the nation is just a start. Duke is also bringing in Zion Williamson. This guy is a man-child. The vertical on him is ridiculous. To be that big and jump that high is crazy. I do not want to say he is like a Lebron James but size wise people might make that comparison of him. He is super quick too to be that big. Those fast twitch fiber definitely firing all over him. He is going to be a tough guard for anyone in college even as a freshman. The man has crazy athleticism like WOAH!! Youtube him and let me know what you think.

Overall, all 4 top players need team chemistry and complimentary players to help them win the championship. This is definitely a one-year dynasty waiting to happen if they act right. They have the talent to win a championship. I think all of them might be one and done. I don’t think Duke has experienced having top 5 players like this all at once. Duke has Coach Krzyzewski and he will handle and make sure the team plays to their best capabilities. The goal is to bring another championship back to Duke nation. Let’s see what happens. Comment below and let me know what you think of Duke new recruits. Did any of it shocked you??


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