The new NFL season is coming up. Every team has playoff hopes and championships wishes. Every team is 0-0 right now and prepping for the upcoming season coming in September. The Champion the Philadelphia Eagles looks to defend their throne. The New England Patriots seem like they are back to their regular self. The coach runs the team over on that side. Tom Brady in his 40s so we shall see if he still got the juice. It is a new season. New excitement. New coaches, players, and management ready to prove they can contend with any team in the NFL. It starts with offseason voluntary and non-mandatory workouts. It all comes together with the two a days in the training camps in which every NFL team has to prepare for the tough season ahead.

For teams that did not make it to the players last year like the Cleveland Browns, they look like they did a good job in the offseason picking up good players to compete for a playoff spot. Players like WR (Wide Receiver) Jarvis Landry, QB (Quarterback) Tyrod Taylor. What seems to be like a good draft picks that can help them this 2018-2019 season and in the future. They look to their defense and offense will be good this 2018 season. The management is doing a good job in rebuilding the franchise that’s for a fact. For the rest of the team in the NFL am sure they made some minor changes that can be major changes once the season starts. The Browns caught my eyes with how good they can be from last year.

The rams look like a championship contender with the defense they set up in the offseason. The pick they sign in the offseason is crucial. Crucial pick up such as (WR) Brandin Cooks, Defensive Tackle (DT)Ndamukong Suh, Cornerback (CB) Marcus Peters, (CB) Aqib Talib. The games are played on the field, not paper so they have to show up on Mondays, Sundays, Thursdays or even Saturdays. The Rams and the Browns are the two teams that caught my eyes as for must watch. I am sure other teams you have in mind that might be a must watch. Comment below and let me know which teams. Let me know who you think might be a big surprise this season. Let get excited. Training camps are starting and I smell football around the corner.


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