Deshaun Watson is now a Quarterback to get off your free agent if he is still available. I mean did you see what he did against the Patriots Defense. I mean the patriots’ defense is not good right now but still, he still ball on the patriots. Deshaun must have been mad this previous week because of what he did to the Tennessee Titans like geeez. Deshaun had four Touchdown and he has arrived. Moving on, Alex Smith is a good pick up off the waiver wire too. Deshaun has the bigger upsides. He can even win some fantasy football leagues for some people. Quarterback Play is big in fantasy football because they can rack up points in bunches. Having a Strong Quarterback can make your fantasy football a strong team to beat and put you in position to win that trophy.

Wide Receivers

Jaron Brown is quietly a good wide receiver to pick up if he is still on your waiver wire. He is getting targets and making plays in three games now. Devin Funchess can be a good pick up since Greg Olsen injury for the season. He has Cam Newton eyes in targets and scored two touchdown in last Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots.  Will Fuller is necessary pick up. Mr. Fuller just came back and he is already scoring two Touchdowns (TDs). Yes, I did call him Mr. Fuller because once you are a baller you put some respect on the baller name. PICK WILL FULLER UP.


Running Backs

Since Dalvin Cook went down, you can pick Latavius Murray is necessary pick up. He was a baller in Oakland. Therefore, he will get his juice back in Minnesota Viking Uniform. Wendell SmallWood for the Eagles is a Waiver Wire look at with Darren Sproles season ending injury.  Seattle Seahawks J.D Mckissic and  San Deigo Chargers Austin Ekeler are running backs on the radar that you might want to get off the waiver wire as well to help you in the upcoming bye weeks coming up.

Those players I mention are necessary to look at because you may be one player or two away from making your team unbeatable. If you want some TDs and whole bunch of points those players will help you get some buckets as they did in the past week. Still tune to next week to see what players to pick up or just an advice to help you win the follow week matchup. Pick those players up if they are still available or see how they perform this week and pick them up later if they pass your skills check.

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