NCAA March Madness is coming up soon. I have not really seen any teams that stands out to me but the small schools will not be scared of the big school. Just look out, Wofford beating North Carolina Tar heels. They caught them sleeping. They were sleeping on Wofford and Wofford were not taking it. Big Schools keep trying those Mid Major Schools and you soon learn. You cannot under estimate your opponent. Conference play is on the way soon so the battle is about to happen. We are about to see who can hang in the March Madness heat soon.

Kentucky always got top 5 NBA Players with Hamidou Diallo. He got some mad ups. I am not sure about their team this year but they always make a run in the tournament. Duke got a team to watch out too I think. They do not really have a good all-star team but their chemistry should gel by March time. Finally, the team to watch out for are the small schools such as St Mary. St. Mary always been good because they have experience players that stay in the basketball program year after year. UT Arlington is a senior heavy team. What I have seen with a senior heavy team means they are about business because it is their last chance. They been playing together for years so they know each other strengths.

Vermont, Rhode Island, and Nevada are among the top Mid Major Schools that can cause some March Madness excitement in a couple of months. They have chemistry because they have been playing together for years. They are ready to prove themselves. No Cinderella here straight up ballers. The Mid Major school this year are strong with good transfers on their team to help them reach the next level. Alloy of life where you can get all your different flavors of life you love.


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