As the year began, we all definitely did not think the Minnesota Vikings were going to be this good. The year started with the rookie running back Dalvin Cook straight balling and not making the Minnesota Viking fans think about the previous running back they had in the past (Adrian Peterson). The Vikings defense been solid for some years now. Sam Bradford was looking good Quarterbacking the team from last year. They were looking good. Then, Sam Bradford knee injury happened and the Dalvin Cook ACL injury. The season looked like it was gone. The Vikings did not panic because when you are prepared and when you have players that do their job no panic at all.

Case Keenum came to the rescue. Keenum bounce around the team with the Los Angeles Rams, Houston Texans and then the Vikings. In reality, the 3rd String Quarterback was behind Sam Bradford, Teddy Bridgewater. Case Keenum came in and started balling. He was waiting for his time to deliver in my eyes. Even, when Teddy Bridgewater came back from his nearly career knee injury. The coach were debating to put a guy that has not played a football game in over a year over Case Keenum. That did not phase Case Keenum because he kept balling. He ended that Quarterback discussion case. Case Keenum was clicking with Wide Receivers Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs, and Tight end Kyle Rudolph. The top two receiver’s duo in the league. The Vikings were on big winning streaks until they met the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton. Vikings are now 12-3 after yesterday wins over the GreenBay Packers.

The Vikings have a good defense that can win a championship and an offense that can contribute to that championship run. The Vikings looking like they can get home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. They can be the first team ever to play a SUPERBOWL on their home field EVER! I think the Vikings can do it too and WIN IT. That defense with Xavier Rhodes (Shutdown Corner), Everson Griffen (13 Sacks) and Harrison Smith (5 Interceptions) are leading the way. Defense win championship and with those two leaders, the Vikings are looking good. They are physical and their defensive scheme will get you. Watch out for their defense as they are a top 5 defense in the NFL.



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